Beginner To Advanced level projects.

Beginner To Advanced level projects.

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Benefits of doing the project.

Making a project when learning something is one of the best ideas to get advanced in skills.

People are stuck with many things when coming to coding and programming. So understanding the concepts when your learning path is the hardest.

Table of Content

  • Beginner-level Project.
  • Intermediate level project.
  • Advanced level project.

Beginner-level Project

In the stage of a coding newbie, you need to do many projects to acquire the coding concept for the next level.

Beginner Projects is:

  • BMI Calculator.
  • To-Do List.
  • Basic UI-CSS.

Intermediate level Project

In the stage of coding, you need to understand the concept of a production-level environment to get knowledge about the fully functional website.

Intermediate Projects is:

  • WebPage with Form.
  • Landing Page.
  • Photography Site.

Advanced level Project

In the Advanced stage of coding, you need to master your skills in coding, for that, you must learn about UX and UI Design so you can easily build a website as more attractive.

Advanced Projects is:

  • Dark-Mode Site.
  • Portfolio.
  • Animation Site.
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