How To Get Blog Approval Soon as Possible.

How To Get Blog Approval Soon as Possible.

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Do This Before on your blog applying for Google Adsense.

  1. Write High-Quality content.
  2. Make your Blog Posts SEO-friendly.
  3. Write Sufficient Posts.

1. Write High-Quality Content

  • Write 500-600 Words per Blog.
  • Write Unique content in Blog posts.

2. Blog SEO friendly

  • Complete Meta Title and Description Tags.

3. Write Sufficient Blog Posts

  • Make the Quality of the Content

4. The page's that must-have in your Blog.

  • Home page.
  • About page.
  • Contact page.
  • Privacy Policy page.
  • Terms & Conditions.
  • Don't use copyrighted images and content in your blog.
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